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January 10, 2018
One of Norway's largest shopping malls. A short drive away, it has everything you could need.
July 19, 2017
The largest shopping centre in Norway.
May 5, 2017
One of the biggest malls in the north of Europe
March 25, 2017
The biggest shopping mall in Norway
January 27, 2017
This is the largest mall in Norway. If you need anything - they will have it here....

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“Kristiansand Zoo and amusement park- Dyreparken - is the most visited attraction for families with children in Norway. Explore Nordic wilderness and animals like wolf, lynx and moose among many other activities. Kristiansand Zoo and amusement park - Dyreparken - is situated only 11 km (6 miles) east of Kristiansand. It actually consists of several parks combined; a zoo and an entertainment park with different theme areas, as well as the wet world "Badelandet" - "a park in the park" - where you need an additional ticket. Kristiansand Zoo Kristiansand Zoo is Norway`s most frequently visited attraction covering an area of 150 acres of Nordic terrain. The zoo contains an enclosure for Scandinavian animals such as wolves, elk, lynx, fox and many more. Daily feeding at 1pm. In the park you will also find exotic animals such as lions and tigers and endangered animals such as the red panda. The Africa exhibition allows you to move along a bridge observing native savanna animals such as giraffe and zebras. The first part of the rain forest is alive with a variety of apes and monkeys. Here you will find an open air area where some of the smaller monkeys run wild amongst the trees and climbling areas and swing on the ropes while you can move amongst them! Deeper into the rain forest, the mist and the humid atmosphere, dark and scary passages lead the way to crocodiles, alligators and many other reptiles - You will find more than 800 animals and birds living in as much freedom as possible in a natural environment. Badelandet - indoor and outdoor wet world Badelandet aquapark is the newest addition to the amusement park. It´s a "park in the park" - which means you need an additional ticket to enter. It is also possible to buy combined tickets for both parks. The water world is open from Easter to mid October every year. Cardamom Town/Kardemomme by A trip to Cardamom Town (Kardemomme by) is recommended. The town is based on a well-known children's story written by the famous author Thorbjørn Egner and you will meet all the Kardemomme by's characters from the book in the park's main season! Captein Sabretooth´s World / Kaptein Sabeltanns Verden Captain Sabretooth´s World is a theme park built around the character Captain Sabretooth. Join the pirate cruise with the black lady and visit the Witch Miriam's enchanted house. In the high season you can meet the pirates several times a day. KuToppen KuToppen is a large farm built on top of a hill, inhabited by the characters from a famous norwegian cartoon about farm animals. Kutoppen is the area where you´ll find the most usual norwegian farm animals, such as cows, sheep, goats, hens, pigs and horses. It is also possible to pet and cuddle with the animals, making Kutoppen a very popular attraction for the smallest children. Pirate world of Abra Havn In Abra Havn hotel in Dyreparken you can stay in the "real" pirate’s cribs. In 2017 and 2018, the Abra Havn hotel in Dyreparken, Kristiansand was voted the 6th best family hotel in the world by Tripadvisor users.”
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“Another of the main attractions here are the white beaches. You don’t have to go far, just stroll down to the Blue Flag city beach Bystranda. It has even got palm trees! There are few places in Norway with more hours of sun per year than Kristiansand.”
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“Frk. Larsen er en kafe som har åpen på dagtid og kveld. Veldig hyggelig klientell og god mat. ”
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“Great view on the city, surrounded my nature, great place for hiking and walking around lakes !”
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31-35 Barstølveien
Kristiansand, Vest-Agder 4659
Teléfono38 04 91 00